The Toilet

Todays trending items revolve around the oh so famous toilet. You use this Every single day (I hope), and the trending items I present to you today can help you utilize your toilet better. The first item is going to be the Toilet Light. The Toilet Light is a cool gadget that clips on the side of your toilet with a motion sensor facing outwards. Once the motion sensor is activated by you, the light is then released into the toilet bowl illuminating the bowl for you guys to never have to miss again in the dark. The Toilet Light  actually fades slowly to different colors as well. Depending on which brand you buy you can get between 8-16 different colors for you bowl. And even if you don’t use the Toilet Light  you can just get it as a night light for you or your kids. No matter what you cannot go wrong with this purchase! Now to the second item on my list is Poo-Pouri (how your pronounce that is (“poop”+”or”+”ee”). “What is Poo-Pouri?” you might be asking. Well, Poo-Pouri is actually a spray that you spray in the toilet before you go number two. How it works is when your spray the Poo-Pouri it coats the entire top layer of water and seals the top of the water with a nice citrus smell. When the number two passes through the Poo-Pouri and into the water you will never smell that number two ever again. Only the sweet smell of your bottle of Poo-Pouri. Now onto the next great item for the toilet. I saved the best for last on this blog. The last item might be one of the greatest inventions in the history of man, and the name of this item is the Squatty Potty. When I heard of the Squatty Potty I thought it was the dumbest thing I had heard of. But what it is, is a stool that can be hidden underneath your toilet. Once you are ready to go though, you slide that sucker on out and sit down on the toilet and prop your feet up on it and release the kraken. Once I used one for about a week and pooping has never been the same. I think the commercial describes it best, “Don’t settle for rocky road, when you could have Soft Served”. Inferring that our poop is ice cream and that when you don’t use the Squatty potty your poop experience sucks coming out like rocky road. And I think you get the rest of the picture with the soft serve. In all seriousness, the Squatty Potty really does work and you can actually see the science behind it all and the funny commercial that you’re going to think isn’t really a commercial right HERE. You can purchase the Squatty Potty on amazon and choose from two different heights and from 3 different designs. I Highly recommend this product and hope you guys enjoyed todays blog. Check back tomorrow for my next post and be sure to check out the items I talked about today as well, I will leave the links to them down below!


Toilet Light Click HERE

Poo-Pouri Click HERE

Squatty Potty Click HERE



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