Edison String Lights

If you are decorating for a special occasion or just trying to add some comfort to your home,  Edison string lights could be your answer to tie in the whole room. Edison string lights can range in length and bulb shapes. These bulbs can really add a whole new feeling to the room or venue you are decorating. There is really know way you could go wrong with purchasing these lights for decoration. Now reading around on reviews and what not, no matter what brand you buy, you are taking the chance of getting a bad socket. Meaning that one of the bulbs aren’t going to work, and that is with pretty much any brand you buy.    Looking at it, I only found 9 people who got a bad strand and that is 9 people of 258 people who left a review. So you have a 3% chance of getting a bad strand. If it were me, I would risk those odds for the comforting and cute look that the Edison String lights bring. Now if you are decorating your room, they have a twenty foot strand. If you are decorating outside they also have a 50 foot and a 100 foot option. These lines are end to end connectable, just like Christmas lights. They are weather proof and are glass bulbs. So you will never have to worry about the wires or the bulbs corroding. All in all these Edison String lights are a great pick for decorating inside and outside, while bringing comfort to you. You can view the Edison string lights at amazon (click here to view). These lights are well worth the purchase!

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Edison Light Bulbs

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