Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Today Trending item is portable bluetooth speakers and comparing them! So the two speakers I am going to be talking about today is the JBL Flip 3 and the the Beats Pill 2.0. Lets start with the JBL Flip 3, I have this speaker and it is actually amazing how loud this thing gets. When I turn my Flip 3 all the way up I can’t help but laugh because of how loud this thing actually gets. I had a little sound competition with my sound bar for my tv and my Flip 3 held up a good challenge. Now the sound quality is wonderful and clear, and it is definitely one of the best speakers I have seen. Now onto the Beats Pill 2.0 the Beats Pill is definitely great for sound quality, probably the best in the market right now. My friend owns one and the quality is great but the volume isn’t as great as the JBL. I can’t really say much for the Beats Pill because I don’t really own one, and because I am really involve with my Flip 3. Now talking about price, if you are on a budget I would definitely say go for the Flip 3 because it is more budget friendly other than the Beats Pill being almost 3 times the price of the Flip 3. In my personal opinion I think that the JBL Flip 3 Blows the Beats Pill out of the water. I also think that you would only buy the Beats Pill for a few reasons, some of them being that; 1.) You just want the name brand 2.) You didn’t test or compare the speakers. 3.) You didn’t know the JBL Flip 3 existed. Now that is just my personal opinion. I am also sorry if I stepped on any ones toes about the Beats Pill as well.Thank you for reading and check back soon to see what the next trending items are going to be! and be sure to check out the speakers if your are interested!

Click here to view the JBL Flip 3

Click here to view the Beats Pill 2.0


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